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So Bleach vol. #41 was released here in Brazil yesterday by Viz Media through Panini (the most reliable manga publisher in one of the largest manga markets in the world, mind you).

Something that caught my interest instantly was the translation for Ichigo's sentence "I will protect/I have to protect" in The Lust 4 chapter.

Possibly fandom wank ahead?Collapse )


On Bleach chap. 452

Ichigo fullbring looks ridiculous.

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On Fairy Tail ch. 238

Although I'm not sure about what purpose exactly. I'll end up using it for random rantings. Everything is too standard yet, I'll need to do some customization later.

Is anyone else having problems signing up on OneManga? The captcha seems to be broken and I can't finish my registration. It's been like that ... for WEEKS. It's frustrating, really. But I deserve that for forgetting the password (and even the email that I used for registration, LOL) for my previous account.

Also, motherfucking bronchitis is killing me. I can't breath normally and the corticoids that I'm taking... oh, the side effects! Gastritis (well, I already have gastritis and the corticoids make the things worse >_>) and heat waves all over me. I'm feeling like a 50 years old woman on menopause with so many heat waves. It's terrible, believe me. Pray to whatever god you believe and ask him "sweet god, please don't let me need to take corticoids in my life. EVER. Save me from respiratory diseases. Amen"

Later,  I'll probably rant about Bleach. Because haters gonna hate, amirite?


Welcome to my Live Journal! This account was made for the sole purpose of commenting on other people LJ's (Well, I can change my mind someday, who knows).

However, you can always find me on twitter, Tumblr or (if you are a BA user) at Bleach Asylum.

By the way, I can speak both english and portuguese (the later is my mother language, actually). 

Thank you and feel free to message me if you ever need :)